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Bucks County Ghost Hunters

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Welcome to the Bucks County Ghost Hunters official website!

We here at the Bucks County Ghost Hunters are dedicated to the research of paranormal phenomenon. We are proud to be Official Members of The International Ghost Hunters Society.

Within our site you will find various pages which may contain various pictures and stories pertaining to Paranormal Phenomenon. We will not post anything that we do not believe to be actual Paranormal Phenomenon, all of our postings will only be posted after thorough examination of evidence to prove or dis-prove the "Phenomenon".


International Ghost Hunters Society

Why we do it?

There are many reasons why we do what we do...
First of all, there are many things that happen that cannot be explained with a simple explaination, therfore a more scientific approach must be taken...
Many of our members have had very personal experiences with "unexplainable" happenings...
There are also those times when a persons mind may need to be put "at ease" about something strange that they cannot explain through normal reasoning...
That is where we come in...
We will investigate to determine whether there is in fact a valid explaination for whatever the reported happening may be...

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to speak with us about something "unexplainable" please feel free to contact us.


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