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On this page you will find photos that have been taken by members of our team...

Portal Doorway
Portal Doorway
This photo was taken at Beechwood Cemetary in Hulmeville, Pa.

Portal Doorway
Portal Doorway
Another photo of the Portal Doorway

Both of the above photos were submitted to The International Ghost Hunters Society for confirmation purposes, The IGHS have suggested that these photos may be some sort of Dimensional Doorway. Please note that on several occassions we returned to this same location and have tried to photograph this phenomenon again but with no luck...

This photo was taken a few years ago at the site of a Revolutionary War mass grave site in Langhorne

Normally we do not get excited about orbs, but in this case, due to the history surrounding this location, we feel it is more that just a dust particle. The story behind this location is that back during the Revolutionary War, this site was used as a mass burial site, there were 160 bodies found buried here in mass graves, the bodies were stacked 4 - 5 per grave. There was also a journal found back in the 1990's from a little girl that lived a few houses down the street during this time, that wrote in this journal about looking out her window and seeing the men carrying "boxes" down the street. If this journal would not have been found, this site would not have been preserved, it would have been excavated and used for something else...but luckily it has now been marked as a historic landmark...

This photo was taken at a house directly next to the Revolutionary War marker in he previous photo

We found this photo kind of odd, in that it was the only one we got of this house that showed up with this red aura surrounding the entire house. There are a few orbs in the photo, but other than the red aura... if you notice in the upstairs center window, it appears as though there is a light on in the house.... there was no one residing here at the time, there were no lights on when the photo was taken...the house was being remodeled and is now a restaurant.

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